Shirley shows clients how to exude confidence, demonstrate authority, and take control. As a seasoned television producer for ABC, NBC, and Chronicle Broadcasting, she knows how to make an interview memorable, fresh and marketable.

Davalos has developed programs for PBS, produced infomercials for advertising agencies, and provided support for major network shows, like Dateline, Primetime Live, World News Tonight and 60 minutes. With a unique skill for identifying the message of each client, Davalos crafts a working agenda that puts celebrities, authors, and CEOs into the driver’s seat in any interview situation.


George Lakoff, author of Whose Freedom?

Alison Wright, author of Learning to Breathe

“If you have an opportunity to work with Shirley
Davalos jump at the chance! She is attentive, professional, and
very generous with her time and knowledge. Her goal is to make
your media appearances a success for you, your interviewer, and
your audience. Her passion for her work, as well as her years
of experience in the television industry, give you an insider’s
view of what works and doesn’t work in media, from selecting
the best wardrobe and makeup to taking an active role in the
interview. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in media,
you will take a big leap in confidence and expertise after you
spend a few hours with Shirley. And you’ll have fun in the process!”


–Nancy Anderson, Author, Work with Passion, How To Do What
You Love For a Living

“You stopped my mumbling and made this book a best seller!
With grateful thanks.”

–Curt Gentry, Author, J. Edgar Hoover: The Man and the Secrets

San Francisco

“Your lessons were crucial in every interview of my
very successful tour.”

–Victoria Lee, Author, Soulful Sex

“I was so impressed by you that I actually wrote a media
trainer into my next book!”

–Bonnie Hill Hearn, Author, Intern

“Thank you for sharing your expertise of the changing
media industry with Fisher Investments Inc. Your work on the
client services webcast introduced Fisher Investments to an exciting
method of communicating with our clients.”

–Sherri Fisher, Fisher Investments

“I cannot thank you enough. . .I feel like a new person
with regard to the task. The best part is that the tools you
gave me are allowing me to be more critical in evaluation but
in a technical, not personal, domain.”

–Robert Shaw, Author of the child-rearing book,The Epidemic

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Jess Bendit, Community Partnership Coordinator, Project Homeless Connect March 16, 2015 at 6:42 pm

Shirley had an unerring instinct for taking my presentation language to the next level. She patiently coached me to use accessible language, improve my cadence, and really hit those punchlines. With her help, I was able to deliver my talking points with confidence, knowing that I had a real pro at my back. I couldn’t recommend Shirley, her generous spirit, and her professional know-how, more highly.


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